These cute pottery pots are 8cm high and 7cm wide.  Each pot contains a cacti which will vary depending which ones are currently in-store.

Cacti or Succulent - mini pots

  • Cacti require

    • cacti plants need to grow in an area of full sun. Like the fullest, brightest window you have. They like direct sun, and tons of heat, so don’t be afraid to place them on a windowsill.
    • cacti plants love well-draining soil, they also do well in terracotta pots but only use cactus potting mix
    • Because cactus plants store water in their leaves, like succulents, they are extremely prone to root rot. Only water your cactus plant when the soil feels dry. Do not water when soil feels moist as this could cause root rot
    • cactus plants are sensitive to light and grow toward the direction of the sun. Rotate your pot once monthly so that your cactus grows straight and upright.
    • spider mites are also a common problem, but misting the plant regularly with water can help solve the problem.
  • We are currently only delivering locally.  This includes Clevedon, Ardmore, Alfriston, Maraetai, Beachlands, Whitford, Brookby, Kawakawa Bay & Papakura.  Please contact us for deliveries elsewhere as we may be able to help.