Calathea Makoyana is also known as a Peacock Plant or Cathedral Windows because of the beautiful patterning on its leaves.  This is definitely a plant to add to your plant collection.

Paired with a 'potted' ceramic planter in eucalypt - this would make a thoughtful gift.


Calathea Makoyana

  • Care

    • bright filtered light
    • humidity and warmth
    • avoid draft and drop in temperature
    • moist soil, do not stand in water
    • stand your pot on a tray with pebbles, the water that drains through the pot will remain there and help to create the humid conditions that they like - do not let the bottom of the pot sit in water
    • mist leaves with water
    • fertilise spring - summer with a diluted dose every 4 weeks
    • do not use leaf shine - this can cause leaf browning