Ficus Ruby is absolutely stunning with beautifully patterned leaves in tones of green, cream and apricot red  - no two are the same.  We have paired them with complementary planters.

Ficus are a beautiful easy care houseplant, and a very popular choice for indoor decor.

Part of the Air So Pure range, helping cleanse the air of its impurities.


Ficus Elastica 'Ruby'

  • Care Advice

    • the more variegated leaves, the lighter the position that the Ficus prefers
    • do not place in full/direct sun
    • prefers a warm humid environment but will be happy in most homes
    • soil should always be slightyly damp
    • water when top few cms of soil is dry
    • ficus drink more in a light spot than a shady one
    • fertilise spring - summer end