Mini landscapes made up from a variety of plants which are low-maintenance, space-saving and simply beautiful.  Please note all terrarium vary - vessel and plants so will not be the same as ones pictured.


  • Terrariums require

    • good light
    •  a quarter-turn every two weeks so the plants don’t become lopsided
    • instead of watering on a schedule, check the soil.
    • think in teaspoons, not cups.
    • water the plant’s base and avoid getting its body wet
    • use an eyedropper or a spray bottle with a coarse stream instead of a watering can.
    • water less (or not at all) during the dormant season.
    • pruning, transplanting, and debris removal are part of regular open terrarium care and maintenance, but the job is usually easy because most succulents and cacti aren’t fast growers.
    • prune or trasplant plants that touch the glass or interfere with another plant’s space or lighting
    • remove dead leaves and other debris to prevent decay and eliminate hiding spaces for pests.